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What is it?

If you're a productive person, you most likely keep an estimate of how long a task should take. And if you use Todoist, you're probably using their tags to keep track of these estimates, right?

Well unfortunately Todoist doesn't (yet!) support a way to quickly glance at how much time you have remaining in a project or view. So you're stuck having to manually add up each tag to get a rough idea of how busy your day looks or how much time you need to spend on a project to finish it.

That's where Todoist Time comes into play. It adds up all of of these tags on your active screen and displays them above your task list!

List of tasks

How it looks: nice and simple :)

Getting Started

Once you have the extension installed, it's easy to get started.

Todoist Time looks for any tag on the screen starting with a t followed immediately by a number. Todoist Time looks at the last character of the tag to determine if the number is a minute (m) or hour (h). If nothing is specified, it assumes the numbers are in minutes. Feel free to use decimals too!

Valid Time Tags

  • 5 minutes = t5m
  • 40.5 minutes = t40.5m
  • 60 minutes = t60
  • 1 hour = t1h
  • 1 and a half hours = t1.5h
  • 2 hours = t2h

And everything in between!

Need More Reasons?

Totally Free!

It's a simple extension to help you be more productive. There's no need to charge for that.


It's not going to get in your way or slow you down.


Todoist Time doesn't talk to a server so you don't need to worry about your todos going public.


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