Grade Tracker.

See how your current classes are affecting your overall GPA.

What is Grade Tracker?

Grade Tracker is a simple tool made in Microsoft Excel to allow you to enter in your grades to keep track of how the semester is going and how it will affect your overall GPA. Use it to track your progress throughout your classes and see what you need to get on that final exam to secure an A.

Built in Excel

Being a tool built in Excel makes learning how to use it a breeze. Edit any tables or blue text with your own information. If you get stuck, just reference the help tab!


Downloadable File

A Macro-free workbook downloaded to your computer makes this as secure as can be. Meaning that no one will be able to steal a password and see your grades online.


See Impact

See how doing well in individual classes impact your semester GPA, and then see how your semester GPA impacts your overall GPA with the built in Excel formulas.

Ready to Download?

Click the download button below to get started. A Google Drive version is currently being developed for those who don't like/own/use Excel. Enjoy!